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Scientific publications (peer reviewed)

  • A Genetic Algorithm to Solve the Virtual Machines Resources Allocation Problem in Multi-Tier Distributed Systems, Second International Workshop On Virtualization Performances: Analysis, Characterization and Tools (VPACT'09) PDF
  • A General Model for Virtual Machines Resources Allocation in Multi-Tier Distributed Systems, Proceedings of The Fifth International Conference on Autonomic and Autonomous Systems (ICAS'09) PDF
  • A Performance Study of Context Transfer Protocol for QoS Support, Proceedings of 19th International Symposium in Computer and Information Sciences (ISCIS'04), also published in LNCS 3280 Springer Verlag, 2004 PDF
  • A Support to Simulate real-mobile IPv4 Networks in NS-2, Atti della Conferenza Annuale della Italian Society for Computer Simulation, 2004

Public talks (in italian)

    Ruby on Rails in Ambiente di Produzione, LinuxDay 2007
  • Tecniche di Virtualizzazione: Approcci Software e Hardware, Considerazioni Archittetturali, LinuxDay 2006
  • Gestione dei Progetti Open-Source, LinuxDay 2005

Slides (in italian)

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